This forum is for posting paid work opportunities ONLY

(homepatrol) #22

I posted a very serious inquiry for a paid position in the Mpls area for a Blendr designer and got two reply’s, one for a Maya designer and one for a California based designer. Both seemed like good professionals but I need a local designer in Blendr any tips for a new poster to find someone who wants to be paid and paid quickly for their time.

Thanks in advance for any advice


(Jason van Gumster) #23

This forum is a good place (though for clarity sake, it may be in your best interest to fully spell out terms. Not everyone is familiar with the same abbreviations as you).

You may also consider trying to post on the Blender Network as an option.

(earl92) #24

this forum is great for the all designer and providing good opertunity to make a team and get some financial support from freelancing greatly appreciate. i am going to start working on new project related to kids play area android app with some special functionality.

(MordantVoid) #25


I’m trying to post a new thread to this forum for paid work, but it is not appearing on the list.

I’m posting this in part to test if it works.

If I need to wait for moderation before it appears, that’s fine but I don’t immediately see than mentioned above.

Any suggestions very welcome.


(dreamwagon) #26

I am having the same issue. I posted a help wanted and it didn’t show up…
Is there moderation or is the site not working? My post count in my profile displays 0 posts.