This forum is for the Blender Game Engine ONLY!

Please do not post projects here that were made for other engines. Volunteer requests for such projects should be posted to the off-topic forum, non-BGE works in progress should be posted to Works in Progress.

Im fairly new to blender and am starting my first large project as a game. It involves the player to drive a tank and complete a series of missions with similarity to those in WW2.
Below is an image of the tank so far.

The above post, pretty random

As for the forum, i guess this means that when CS is integrated we’ll have a completely separate category? I think it would be good to keep the CS game stuff separate from the BGE work.

It could even have the same 3 sub headings:

  • Crystal Space Support and Discussion
  • Works in Progress, Game Demos, And Finished Games
  • Crystal Space Resources
    Its just a thought/suggestion.
    And sorry Plant Person if i wasn’t meant to post in this thread :confused:

There is a real hate (envy?) for CS in this forum AD-Edge. If you have a CS project you are better off posting in the official Crystal Space forums anyway.

There are blender users there to help you out with Blender+CS related questions.

I am not a GE guy, except for architectural walkthroughs, for which I am extremely grateful, but I have two cents to spare it seems: this attitude gives me a strange feeling. Assimilating GEs to renderers, I can’t understand that any GE can be banned just as couldn’t understand that a rendering in Sunflow, Kerkythea or 3Delight couldn’t be showcased in WIP, Finished projects or the critique sections of the BA forums.


Sorry Mmph, i think you misunderstood what i was saying. Or i might be misunderstanding your response.

I have nothing against CS, i just thought it would be good to have an official section in the forum specifically for CS stuff (like how theres a separate section for Artwork, General Forum, Contests, Game Engine etc etc). Because, as this thread suggests, we’re not going to be able to post works in the Blender Game Engine section.

Thats all i was asking about. Im not sure why you think im so opposed to CS

And yes, im a member over at the crystalspace forums, ill be a lot more active over there once i start some projects in CS.

It’s not a question of hate, it’s a question of irrelevance.

Yes, when Crystal Space integration is improved, there will probably be some changes in the available forums.

Ok thanks, thats all i was wondering about.
Ill try not to ask irrelevant questions.

You can use the official blender forums to talk about real time engines without prejudice too:

For crying out loud, it’s not prejudice! Would you ask questions about Maya in the Interface forum?

I would likly do that For I know nothing of Maya. I kind of thought that the forum would have been about blender, but as I’ve seen hear it don’t really matter about what one is speaking of. I must have landed in the wrong place!

actually it wasnt random PlantPerson posted this, he posted this cause -killer- was posting about his game, he started in blender and after like a week moved to unity and kept posting here.