this game has trails compatibility

it was created with blender i saw it before 1 year

when start playing as I remeber you should change the Cam

now the question is how can someone make trails ¿ in realtime

all i can remember is that the author used C++ to make trails

2revive …

Trails ???

Do you mean frame-by-frame-blur (can be done with added objects) or speedblur (have to wait for non-gravity softbodies)?

EDIT: Oh, I just noticed what you’re talking about. So, full screen motion blur. I’d say it would have something to do with copying the current screen state onto an alpha plane displayed as an overlay or something.

blendenzo… do you know how it is made ((trails))

Hmm… I have an idea of what they might have done, but I don’t know if it is really how they did it or if it would work at all. You would need access to the rasterizer (so you could alter the output to the screen). I would try something along the lines of what Toomai suggested: adding an overlay of the same image with an alpha channel applied to it… It would be very complicated I think.

If I remember correctly, though, OGRE is supposed to have motion blur support, so once the OGRE rendering engine is fully implemented we should have that support.

yes … as lots of other “effects” made with the “render to texture” concept, from motion blur to mirrors, shockwaves, water reflection, as well as “video filters” for video like renderings … (vj stuff)

see for ex. the Fijuuu 2.0 ( installation for a good demo of what can be done …

that Ogre support will be a great step … for sure…

I found trail-type blur to be really easy in the game engine, but what I coudn’t do was make a sword in a hand do it, or make an animated person do it etc.