this guy is a scam

so this guy posts this comment asking for money ( deleted by moderator ) then took it down after he got scared when i posted my reply(this is the first time i have used my sleuthing skills in real life( so of course im proud it, I caught someone on my first try someone :wink: ))
[he also posted his plea here
deleted by moderator


Please go to my site, and read my story
deleted by moderator

(to which i replied)

two things
if this isnt a scam i do feel sorry for you and you do need the help and i would love to help but i think that you dont need to create user profiles on different forums and post a help for me
also i think that this could be a scam since

  1. Why didnt you go back to the bank job you said was “new start in your life” or a most probably good job? Becouse
  2. Out of pride you didnt go back,when money was what you needed?
  3. Sir, jobs are scarce and when you are offered a job, a normal person doesn’t not accept it just because he was too prideful
  4. You said out of pride you didn’t go back and yet you appear to be Christian since you quote Scripture and yet, you have pride when your role model is the most humble person ever? (i am catholic and i dont care wat anyone says)
  5. You make way to many spelling errors for this to be sincere which also makes me think that you were rushing to make this scam ( I realize that English may not be your first language )
  6. You should give people an idea of what your new job is so we know what your current income is

(I have always been interested in detective work and love to solve fake puzzles which is why I have been able to post a few suspicious looking errors cus i love to this type of stuff)

If I catch anything else I will post it.
But, sir, another two things I have to say

  1. Work on your trying to get rich quick schemes
  2. I do wish that I had evidence to believe it ( I am sorry that i dont know what type of evidence but maybe whats the tlephone number of the ‘new job’ so that i can call them and see if you work there and see what the pay is over there

So sir i am sorry to inform you but i am not donating


(afterwards he decide to delete his post )

thanks for reading
plez comment


… just do a google search for … he posted on several forums LOL

Why you have replied to “him”?

You actually replied to automated script. Human was involved only to pass capcha - and that involvement took couple seconds. He/she never saw this site, and probably haven’t paid any attention to domain name (if it is shown at all on his screen).

vBulletin is quite popular forum software, and to make any money (primarily from ads revenue, but there is some little chance of donation) spammer had to post thousands of forum threads.

(afterwards he decide to delete his post

No! Some mod deleted his post! 110%!

oh quite stupid of me not to think of that lol

No! He got banned because of spamming!

Mr Blender please edit your first post and remove his URL from the forum. That was the only reason why he posted here. If you spread it around the spammer wins.

Sorry for the long text you wrote, but threads from spammers get deleted, including any comments on it. That is no deny to you, just to the topic.

If you think something is wrong with a thread or post, report the post, add some comments what you think about. We mods take the necessary actions. Reporting helps us keeping the forum as clean and userfriendly as possible.

Nah, sorry, no offense Mr Blender! It just 99% people would recognize it is a scam, just like you did.

Rest, of that single 1%, 99,9% would not bother to donate. I got quite a nice project, open source, recognized by Mozilla as “featured”, WikiLook for Firefox. 250 000 downloads. Lots of thank you msg etc. Out of that 250 000 people who tried it less then 15 bothered to press Donate button(and it is shown to every single one).

will do thank you
mr blender

well i knew it was a scam but i didnt know all that would happen so srry
the main reason i posted it was to point out all the stuppid errors it made :wink: