This hair? What can I do for better job

I want to keep the current hair style, but make the hair look better. Should I cover up the bold spots? I plan on drawing strands with a texture.



I depends on what do you want to achieve
it could be full range of options between stylized low poly on one end and highly detailed strand based groom on the other

there are a lot of options even inside low poly style

show some reference - what is your goal?

Looks pretty crazy, but still cool.
I think You should leave the bold spots.

Maybe some deeper edge lines would make it look a bit more detailed and it wouldn’t cost much of data addition to your mesh.

My goal is stylized low polygon. I tried using curves but could not control the curve. I am going to try curves again.

I see how this would improve the mesh.

I guess just some visual naunces by hitting K and slashing them in while in edit mode and that’s all as I think it would look better… just dropped my personal opinion. Some hair accessories wouldn’t go bad either. Like some Bones, frog legs or lizard tails and egg shells from which baby snakes has left.


I was able to add use some curves. Only one side of the hair is done.
Should I put something under the strands? It looks bold.

EDIT! And some more work

Yes, I’d put a “cap” with the same color as the hair on the head. In my experience, it takes quite a lot of strands to look convincing :slight_smile: You could try using some very wide strands to cover more area, then layer a few thinner ones on top for variety.

Some propeller cap, Yeah! :smiley:

I like this style better (but this is a personal opinion). I haven’t tried making hair with curves, but you could try making the tips a bit smaller than the roots?

This is how it looks now. This time turning hair particles into mesh, curve, then mesh again.