this has got to be the coolest way to use blender!

(adyus) #1

check out

if I saw this implemented in Blender, I’d have a shock! (future shock that is :smiley: )
basically, it’a “mouse” with six axes of movement, plus five buttons(you know, the fingers!)
I suggest checking the demo section, the second movie. You actualli see a scene where a guy uses the glove to work in a 3D creation proggie(don’t ask me what that was).

wouldn’t it be cool to move vertices by grabbing them between two fingers and moving your hand in 3D?

God, if I’d see that in Blender, …geez…

by the way, there IS a SDK on that page, which means that it CAN be implemented in Blender…somehow…

(Xampersand) #2

Very cool. But give me my trackball explorer any day!

(acasto) #3

Heres another cool way to use a blender!

(CubeFan973) #4

Does anyone know about that recording IPOs thing? In the IPO window, press R and you can record mouse movements to an object.

Anyway, imagine if that went 3D… motion capture galore…

(Cativo) #5

Acasto, that was the most discusting thing I’ve seen!..I love it! Sick Man’s Blender 2.25 :slight_smile:

(Unreality) #6

Wow… What can i say… I want
one of those gloves :o

(adyus) #7

Unreality, why don’t you just buy a glove? I heard they will come out somewhere in October. (that is…about now;))

(Unreality) #8

I dont have money… :frowning:

(Alltaken) #9


why didn’t someone tell me this earlier.


(Fort Max) #10


I saw this glove on TV a while ago, it looked neat but I don’t know if it would help any when making 3D. Because if you think about it, it just does the same thing as the mouse (although provides slightly more exercise to our underdeveloped mouse-moving hands) and Blender would have to be modified slightly to allow for the 3-axis movement the glove would provide.

I guess it would still be cool for motion capture… if you happened to be animating ‘Thing’ from the Addams Family

(IngieBee) #11

Man, if you could combine it with some sort of force feedback and do sword fights or anything like that, physically and in 3d at the same time, oohhhh how fun would that be???