This has GOT to HURT!!! OUCH!

oke Goof…hows this

<goofster: sorry man, some stuff just can’t go on the forum, even if you put a disclaimer on it. we don’t allow porn, and we don’t allow this>

<link censored>

ehm…hmm…I just clicked the link LOL…it should be a working link…I bet it disallows hotlinking
Copy paste then :smiley:

thats hard to watch

I think I’d rather watch replays of Joe Theisman’s injury from when Lawrence Taylor snapped his leg. Ugh! :o

Come on chrissy, youy know better than to post that kinda links here. please keep in mind that there are people even YOUNGER than you on this forum :wink:

I censored the link


Damn, I missed it…

Goofster…put it back! you need to copy paste it…not direct link it from forum. you didnt read my post! :stuck_out_tongue:

well maybe people could request the link…no harm in that right?

Might I ask what this is about?

A graphic clip of a (kick?) boxer breaking his leg.

its about “This has GOT to HURT!!! OUCH!”

Things like these clips can remind you how fragile the human body actually is

Sorry, I censored it again. Some stuff just can’t go on the forum, even if you put a disclaimer on it.


dude! did you even copy paste the link??

Eeeeh… I wanna see…

I was one of the inlucky few and believe me, you don’t want to see it. Imagine the lower bones in your leg turning to rubber; 'nuff said.

Turning to rubber you say… I wanna seeee…

Don’t need to see - happened to me fifteen years ago! Still makes me queasy just thinking about it.

And duh folks, if you want to see it, Google it.

i have seen a number of clips like this, and to be 100% honest they are not fun to watch.

A) they make you feel sick

B) they are not funny (unless seeing people having legs bent in half not at the knee, legs torn off, backs broken, etc… is funn to you)

seriously if you want to gauge how UNFUNNY it really is, then picture someone watching re-runs of 9-11 laughing at close up shots of men/women jumping out of windows. then look in the mirror.


at least I reminded a big group of people how vulnerable and fragile the human body is…now take care