This have to be a joke right?

I was trying to install my new rtx 2060 so i install the card then i went for registration and guess what?

MSI ask you for another chk number that is located on the card in a spot that i will be force to remove the card to get it!

This is not something very bright, how about just mentioning this in the installation documentation!

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You should have chosen linux.

Unless you don’t have to register the card at all in Linux, then I don’t think the OS is the issue here.

That said, I do miss the days when things were mostly just plug-n-play with pretty much anything related to PC’s (without any registration, account making, and other steps). This is one reason why I don’t game on PC anymore other than what you can play for free without installing a storefront.

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What is the security check for here? Obviously, no-one should have access to the card’s drivers if they don’t actually own the card! That would be terrible!

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What is going on here, is an act to put an end to resold video cards. Now if you want a video card, you can only have one brand new from the store.

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Is this a requirement for installing drivers, or is it just to register for the warranty?

Don’t you get the drivers from Nvidia’s website anyway? What do the different vendors add to them (if anything)?

yes, registering generally is to get a nice warranty or easy way to track warranty or use warranty.

Ahhh… that makes sense…

Still - isn’t this what packaging is for?

That’s what I figured, but it’s been a while since I bought a new card, some of the comments were worrying me about mandatory registration for access to drivers.

i got years of extra warranty when i registered mine :wink:

plus, support tickets are a single click away.

I am starting to think about installing a second workstation with Linux since i don’t count the amount of time i lost because of windows 10 update screwing my setup.

The only thing that i would have appreciate is a simple mention in the installation documentation to not install the card without retrieving that second number required for registration.

Was just for warranty via registration!

All good except that a little mention in their documentation would have made my life easier!

Probably coming soon looll

Asking for a number on the card makes sense. Kind of a hassle, though.

…you have to register your graphic cards? What?

it’s sort of trade off - for an extra benefit you give manufacturer your data
as a skeptic i never do it, receipt is enough and IMO their expertise should be properly practiced, exercised and often challenged, otherwise they soon become lazy and lay off real professionals – suddenly, auto-bots take their place

Is this just an Nvidia thing? Because I don’t remember doing this with my r7 240 in 2013…