This image needed 4 days to render! Still a little bit noisy :(

Here You can see the geometry of the scene:p:

Damn good work though

A bit chaotic, but it works here. I do like the contrast and detail.

As for the 4 days of rendering, you could’ve used the denoiser (which would’ve cut your render time in half and make everything smooth).

I actually used the denoiser and rendered it with 1100 samples! it was a very complex scene:p

So much going on. If you didn’t have the skulls then this would be a great small alley render. It’s still awesome and looks mystical. I did some color editing to maybe make it more like a hollywood movie like:

Did you check the “Denoising” feature?. It works great, increases rendertime by a bit but also you can reduse some samples if you use it carefully.

Anyway, scene looks great and to be honest the noise helps to give it a more cinematic look. As one of my teachers said, noise isnt that bad sometimes.

Theres only one thing that bothers me (nitpicking here) and probably because I know how the feature works so I know it’s flaw…And it is the Ivy leaves over the main skull. If im correct they are with the same rotation I believe, looking too generic. It just doesnt feel normal and my eyes are drawn to that issue. But again, that is happening to me because I know the flaw of that feature. Probably someone else wouldnt notice.

Great job nonetheless, the scene has great details and a well done atmosphere.

Tbh this is a worse version from the original. It totally changes the mood of the work, from a menacing skull to a weakened one.

You kind of severed the atmosphere of the image, where the original is filled with a red tone, even the black tones have a red tint. Meanwhile your version have mostly black and probably blue-tinted blacks. It just shifts the scene and diminishes the power of the skull because you sent the mid tones all the way to just black.

Medium tones are not bad. They exist to give atmosphere.

I love it! I’m curious, what type of rig do you have? This would be a great use of Blender 2.8’s CPU+GPU render feature :slight_smile:

I was thinking more about this color scheme:

Even tho I’m sick and tired about the overuse by people, who don’t know what they are doing, of Teal and Orange “hollywood syle”, I see what you mean. I’ll explain later.

I find BigBlend’s version worse only in terms of light contrast. Tthe original image lacks color contrast, it’s totally red dominant,not to the annoying point but to the boring point. The only blue element is that little panel.I think BigBlend has exaggerated with color saturation and contrast , maybe with his attempt to give a “vintage/80s” style, but I think he’s right about the lack of a pleasant color scheme.

Back to OP, I hate your abuse chromatic aberration. Too strong, too much annoying.

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To mcuh things/objects in this scene. Try to focus more on what you like to display, right now i have no idea where to focus on.

If your scene needs 4 days to render, you might want to optimize things a bit. You can also make a smaller scene to have faster render results. This helps to improve your scene.

Good luck with blending!

to keep threads safe, when talking about color schemes it will be common sense to show a picture like this:

Did all of the leaf squares use an image with alpha transparency? If so, I bet that helped to push up the render times. Likely would have been better to add a couple more cuts and shape each leaf geometry into the basic shape and then apply a leaf texture without any transparency. Chances are one wouldn’t see a difference and yet it would render much faster.

Even so, nice work.

Agree! Count me on the crusade for freeing the world from chromatic aberration postpro effect!

I like the image. Congratulations! But 4 days to render seems a lot.

It is fine when it is not abused.

Is that really a thing? I remember reading transparency made a huge hit in game render engines but im not sure I ever read about it for other type of rendering.