This is a MUST SEE !

Although I find Jeeves’ post pretty pointless, I somehow was tempted to start a competition. Please forgive me all, especially the Administrators!

wut the hell is this?

>>edit>> got it now, how dumb

There’s only 2 kind of people: those that have their threads deleted and those that have their threads locked :wink:


I knew I had to pay :expressionless:

woo! not locked yet! good luck beating jeeves nico =)

p.s. locking this post would give you an unfair advantage… everyone flocks to locked posts to see why theyre locked! i dont think the mods would want to be known as unfair now do they :stuck_out_tongue:

p.m.s. btw youre winning :slight_smile:

*Dittohead turns on his “nuke-O-liscious 5000 buzzillyun”

*Dittohead hit’s the “GO!” button

*Dittohead Runs off

…I don’t think I’m gonna catch up, I got the feeling you won…