This is a song about flowers


What is this craziness! I love it!

Awesome design.

Can you share a link to the actual music video?

Just on a “personal taste” note, the only thing I don’t really like is the chromatic aberration. I’ve really started to notice it more and more on the TV and in graphics renders and I find it very distracting as that’s all that draws my eye. It’s the new lens flares if you ask me :grinning:

Thank! Yes it’s a little crazy :grinning:

Thanks! There is no video - it’s just a trick :grinning:
I practically do not use chromatic aberration, but in this series of pictures I used it specifically for irritation - judging by the reaction - the goal was achieved :grinning:

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Ah man, I totally wanted to hear the song to this “music video” :grin:

So, I presume that you also feel the effect is overused these days, or maybe folks like me simply overreact to a simple lens effect. Either way, if that was your goal, you certainly did get the desired reaction. Good work!

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The funny thing is that the name is not associated with the song (there is no song), the images are not connected with the name and among themselves. The only common element is the control panel which does not make sense here.

Postmodern as it is :grinning:

Form is more important than content - therefore effects are more important than images. Actually, in many cases, effects are the subject of the image :grinning:

Dinosaurs die out first :grinning: