This is becoming a regular problem

This has happened many times when I am creating an object and I have no idea how to correct it and it is preventing me continuing. Whenever I try to add a new shape it isn’t there (but the arrows to move it are). I wondered what was going on. I went into transform properties and noticed Dim X, Y and Z were all set as 0 (even though I had only just made the shape). Scaling it on the 3D view does nothing and whenever I try to change 0 to a different number on transform properties it immediately goes back to 0 again. I cannot proceed with the model until I know what’s wrong.
please help

can you load up a sample file

would be easier to help you here!


It is a bug in the N-Key numeric dialog system. If you have Link Scale enabled and scale to zero by mistake or on purpose, you can never get back out of zero until you disable the Link scale button and manually type in 1.0 for X,Y and Z fields.

I still cant get it to work so here’s the file


plane.blend (320 KB)

Just a suggestion on the engines. Don’t rely on using subsurf to create the shape. You are using thousands of unneccessary verts to give a bad artifacted shape. Model the outline and spin it 360 degreen to give the overall shape. Use smooth and a little subsurf just to give the final smoothness. You will have a much better object and far fewer verts making modelling so much easier. Also don’t subsurf triangles (you can get away with them sometimes if on a plane) they will give the bad artifacting, always use quads.

Delete the object with the zero dimension. You’ve probably deleted the verts, not the object. Use Shift+C to re-centre your curser to 0,0,0.