This is conceptual

Its a conceptual thing so …see if u can visualise this.

This is a part of a proposed animation sequence that i will be starting later :). But the modeling part for my characters seem to be done. I dont know why but they seem related to the stonehenge somehow.

well I will be posting about the animation later…
However one more thing …any of u guys heard of NOW …there was a small clip on the channel that inspired me to this.

and comments and suggestions appreciated :wink:

I like that. Looks like they woke up one day, and that ball was just sat there. The way they’re stood around it, looks like they’re trying to figure it out.

NOW? No, never heard of it.

NOW is the National Organisation for Women.


:smiley: lol …no. That maybe one full-form of NOW but what i was [EDIT]talking about was the[/EDIT] Network of the World or something …i dont exactly remember it ( It also had a channel. It was my favorite as it had all gaming action + something from games developers and CG related stuff.
But now its no more …i dont think the site is the same anymore.

I think it would look more natural if they didn’t all have the same pose. Maybe do one guy with his hand cupping his chin in a pondering fashion and another scratching his head.

Also the two distinct shadows make it look odd as if there are two suns. With it being an open environment, one shadow casting light would be enough. Too many shadows make the scene look cluttered.

AO samples need increased to decrease the graininess.

The background would look nicer if it didn’t go to a corner too but was just a horizon and make the horizon horizontal. Either that or make an actual corner with a vertical edge so it looks like they are in a room. Inside a room, the extra shadows don’t matter.

GANTZ comes to mind immediately.

Oh u are so right on this
osxrules wrote:

Also the two distinct shadows make it look odd as if there are two suns. With it being an open environment, one shadow casting light would be enough. Too many shadows make the scene look cluttered.

and also

The background would look nicer if it didn’t go to a corner too but was just a horizon and make the horizon horizontal.

u are absolutely right man. I am going to make the ground even huge now and also the angle.

But since i am in a creative mood :smiley:
this can be a thing from other galaxy or something where there are 2 suns:D

And I know about the poses :stuck_out_tongue: All those mudmen are Rigged now. As I told its a part of an animation. And also the poses that u are talking about were the exact poses that i had in my mind when i started the project 8) (wow !)

[edit] Gantz Emm. … :frowning: i am unaware of that[/edit]

very poor moddelling and very poor textures and very poor scene composition. Thats all I can say about it.

Nice to see you kroopson!

At cgtalk is acctuall discussion you should look at is elysiun killing blender’s reputation?.

At least. Elysiun is free for all …


well …“Kroopson” …Ermm from next time I shud add in my signature maybe

any suggestions or comments are appreciated from everyone (except Kroopson’s)

I respect everyone here (even Kroopson) but as uve mentioned about the CGTALK thing I have read that post as soon as enroper posted it there.

But I think the people here must be given a serious warning (as uve mentioned CGTALK)

  1. a warning to consider other person’s feelings when u are posting or commenting
  2. to post critisisms that actually help

    I suppose CGTALK makes that point loud and clear …so shud we
    (Mods please consider such no-help only trouble posts from people like these)

Yes I think this forum is loosing its touch and its only because of people like these. U are spoiling a very healthy learning atmosphere.

In the end I dont care about these people and I had given a self explanatory title It was quite conceptual so Im sorry if U did not understand :smiley: no one can help u there. And I mentioned that the scene is a part of an animation sequence dude (i bet u dont read and …just post looking at it)

anyways thanx to other guys who posted constructive criticism

Okay, but, since this IS conceptual, you should have at least tried to incorporate the theme a little bit more. Okay, before you snap at me, hear me out. You’ve got three very similar objects all staring at one different object, right? Doesn’t that suggest close-mindedness? Well, as of now, you only have the guys standing on some plane in the middle of nowhere, right? What if you put the whole scene in a box and made the box idea very easily recognized? That would incorporate the theme into more of the scene, wouldn’t it? At any rate, posts like kroopson’s, if you feel they are useless, should be ignored, instead of blown out of proportion.

I’m a big fan of conceptual art, so I’m sure you can appreciate where I’m coming from.


Its a conceptual thing so …see if u can visualise this.

It doesn’t matter how many times you say it there will always be some people who don’t get it (I know, because sometimes I’m guilty of not reading, or reading more than is written, and getting the wrong end of the stick myself). Just concentrate on the answers that do get it; it makes the thread so much more pleasant to read.

For these “storyboard” concepts it helps to add text, either as an object or UV mapped to a plane: scene, previous scene, next scene, frame etc…


hey guys I am not snapping at just anyone here without any reasons.
It just is not my post that has got this dirt, but its also few with other posts lately and this attitude is contageous people.
btw, if people put it in a nicer manner anyone would listen to that. like for example the before and last two crits are very appreciable :slight_smile: . And I am seriously thinking about their comments and also incorporating the changes. But from the posts like these u can take nothing possitve …U just feel that its a rash comment by the one who has no interest in the work. and that really lets u down. There are some Etiquettes that are to be followed on the web.

Well forget that !
Its okay and
lirmont thanks for those comments I really appreciate that I will make those changes in the scene :wink:

Fligh %
I know people here belive in visual so …they dont read much. Emm… and also right about other things I will post an AVI as soon as i finish the animation.

thanks all no hard feelings ____ try to put it in a different way (maybe there is a human artist at the recieving end)

Nice idea. I like the caracters. Just an idea i just had. Maybe like finish the circle with the characters. put it in a islan setting and give it a stone finish and it might look like a Stonehenge version on Easter Island!

Its a nice project you are working on. Can’t wait to see it finished.

the same story over and over again. Don’t you have any good taste or common sense? This forum is overflowed with scenes like this, try to show it somewhere else and hear the comments.

Friendly learning atmosphere doesn’t mean that we have to pet every newbie that shows around.

And about constructive and helpful crittics. I really don’t see any way of improving this particular scene without starting it all over, so I did not wrote anything constructive.

ahh, I know understand your attitude kroopson.

Ermm … :smiley: I really appreciated ur presence over here kroopson thanks for being of so much help.

you’re welcome :wink:

Start it all over and next time try to focus the camera on a central part of the scene. There’s waaaay to much empty space on the top. And remodel the characters from the beggining.

looks like they havn’t seen a round thing in their life…:stuck_out_tongue: nice pic. LIKE IT!

geez thanks, that helps me carry on with the project