This is cool


It looks like it’s based on some type of XGL (the display functions that is).

Either way, I’m looking forward to this.

PS: In “Minority Report” the images were holographic in nature, but still this comes very close to matching it spot on.

Not the first nor the only multi touch interface i’ve seen, but can you imaging modeling and sculpting in the next version of Blender with that interface?

next version

Maybe a little optimistic… Or pessimistic, depending on how you look at it. I reckon we’ll see a few Blender versions before any of us has one of those things on our desk.

holographic in nature

Yeah, that’s kind of a dumb title for that video, because when you’re thinking Minority Report, the reality is actually kind of disappointing. But if you’re thinking real life, it’s pretty awesome.

What i’m really saying is, imagine that thing getting put to work for blending if it was available for the next version.

Looking forward to it! (Probably won’t be all that far off, actually…)