This is Cycle Engine rendered Headphones I made want some critique to improve my work


I’m new to Blender. I’m not really in a position to look at the technical stuff. A brand, even if it would be a fiction brand would be nice to see. I’ve never seen a pair of headphones without a logo on them :slight_smile:

Other than it looks good, lighting could use a little work here and there. On the front view on the rightside just besides the leather and on the sideview on the leather. It just seems a little off.

Good work!

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Thanks for looking at it and giving some advice to improve my render …it’s a means a lot.

Thanks Mate

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The model is really good. Is it a single material?
It would be nice to increase the strength of the displacement/bump/normal on the inner puffy material that rests against the skin, but also to slightly change the base color and specularity (and/or roughness).

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