This is driving me nut, can someone shed some light

I was following a tutorial and i did the exact same setup but for some reason the disintegration effect only work correctly on the cube but not on the front part of the text. Curiously the animation of the effect is visible on the top portion of the text but not on front.
I have tried to rotate the empty without success and i even went and did a uv map for the text without success.
Here the tutorial :
File is attach here :test_scene.blend (703.2 KB)

Hmmmmmmm Not sure what your problem is, I downloaded your file, gave the texture alpha and it seems to work fine.

(It also worked when it was grey (no alpha)

The problem is not easily visible, you have to get close to the text to see it, if look in front view the animation is not visible for the disintegration material(wavy deformation). If you look on top view it is indeed working as intended. On the other hand it is working on the cube on each side.In the tutorial you can clearly see the material deformation even in front.
What version of blender did you use to test it?

2.931 I seem to be able to see it at all angles. I will check in 3.1
3.1 OK

I changed the mix factor to exaggerate the flames a bit.

Front view: