This is for a video game I am working on

This is a self powered light, I am going to use it for a horror game I am designing, if you are interested I am thrilled that you are. The game is currently called “BlackOut”. I will update you on models for the game and will give out the download link when I am ready for beta testing. :smiley: There is animation but honestly I am too lazy to add lights to render it out so your stuck with a freeze frame.

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Hi there,

I have some improvements for you if you want :-).

  1. Add after your Color Ramp of the Roughness Node a Hue and Saturation Node and play around with the Value bar. I would make the green part more rough.

  2. The plastic parts and the metal parts of the handle and the crank could need different shaders. Make the metal parts a bit less rough and the black a little bit blueish and the plastic parts more rough and greenish.

  3. Give the handle a Solidify and a Bevel modifier make sure that you applied rotation and scale before (Strg+A). Give it the plastic shader.

  4. Give some elements stronger Bevel edges.

  5. Add a light source and put a glass pane in front of it.

  6. Move the inner edges of the “light frame” a bit more inside the object. Like a cuted of pyramide.

Besides that it’s a nice object :+1:

Best regards


Looking forward to the game. It’s a cool idea for a prop.

Thank you so much, I will keep that in mind.

Thank you, that’s so nice!