this is just amazing... blender needs one :D or 2 lol
it crashes sometimes on chrome but works fine on firefox

im doing some stuff like this in cycles but its not built for 2D stuffso it takes a long time to render :stuck_out_tongue:

cycles caustics mmmmm

Mmm interesting, I’m sure someone creative could make something really cool with this. Ctrl+Z even works :slight_smile:

yeah i would be making stuff nonstop… its awesome lol

Tried to use it for animations - unfortunately you can’t easily get at the data, so what looked really impressive when full screen on my desktop came out grotty and scratchy after I recorded it:

it is pretty fun

You can speed up your 2d stuff in cycles with good use of the light path node and emissions. I us 10 to 15 samples for most of my 2d stuff in cycles.

yeah but we cant see our light rays :’(

blender has all the stuff it needs for animation… it just needs this render engine XD

Wow. it’s fantastic and work superb.

Not sure whats so impressive about this, its a fun demo but not like you get any work done in it… or am I missing something?

I think they like the artistic effects(It’s very soothing, probly the reason it’s called the ‘Photon Zen Garden’), I guess this can be done with the volumemetrics branch, can’t it?

lol just use open GL for 2D.

I’ve prepared a .blend with what I “THINK” that happens in that fancy web light bounce calculator…
Is this right?

LightBounce.blend (607 KB)

i guess thats as close as you can get with cycles lol