This is just some base body

buntitled.blend (1.3 MB)
This is just some base body.
(Don’t ask about layer 4.)
The female body have the start of a player controller i just got stuck on the wight weight painting and animation.
Feel free to use the model if you like.

why is there a penis in the 4th layer?
why is the female so oversexualized?
what were you planning to do with these models?


Simple, because the males in screenshot are looking for it haha

you mean why are the legs 5 stories tall.

uh? “Feel free to use the model if you like.”

dude. you a puritan or something.

arent base meshes supposed to be as generic as possible? which means more focus on an average shape than an extreme?

and has not the OP heard of:

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valid point. when morphing the shape for variation generic is best imo.

(the female is base of pron star Victoria Cakes)
The story i had in mind was the player was going play as a kidnap stripper fighting her way out of a Shub-Niggurath cultist.
The male base body was going to be use to make the NPC and enemies.
and the 4th layer is just the some i just didn’t model it on. Feel free the model if you like for your game or make you own model their a lot of tutorial and adds on