This is just wrong.....

was watching the show on discovery channel called How Its Made and came across something that was just unusual
BTW-this is partially for the people over on that thread about how to try not to laugh, try watching this vid without laughing , good practice

I laughed, so I failed. But that’s really cruel…

“How Toilet Paper is Made”…

me two,

i didn’t, cant see whats so funny about it, just a humanly cruel way of mass producing food in the now-a-day world… :confused:

Quoted in agreement.

did u at least feel bad for em??

awww, i think i saw that one, i didnt watch it because it takes so long to load but i saw the title, thats the one with the chicks right?

i feel bad for them, because chicks are cute:(

Well I wasn’t able to find the funny part you are talking about, But I did find it quite disturbing and very cruel. What’s wrong with you? This is just wrong, but not funny at all. I would like to strangle the narrator though.

hey, perhaps thats the funny part…?!! :eek:

the chicks? well, duh… ofc. i did… :mad:

I was eating a chicken sandwich while watching this.

Heh, that aside, yes, I can see how the whole “automation” of poultry processing is less than moral, but I can’t do much more about it than say “that’s cruel” -> and then continue to take another bite of my spicy chicken sandwich.

Well I guess that says allot for how “cruel” you think it is.


If we had fewer humans we would have no need for such processes. So given our options I guess were stuck. I do feel bad for the chicks though.

That said… I think I’m going to continue to eat dinosaurs, I mean chicken.

How pathetic. You want your chicken but are worrying about some brainless chickens? I thought it was hilarious, and I think it is only rich people in the west who can/care to be fussy about their food.

his only other option was to throw it away. and then the chicken would have died for no reason. and also, thats wasteful.

i dont understand whats so cruel, it dosent seem cruel or even mean to me.

You’re joking, right? Please tell me you’re joking.

im not joking, i seroisly dont see whats so cruel about it

They left out the part where some farm will either burn off the end of their beaks or they cut them off.

Some places also will de-claw the feet.

Check out google video, there are a few on the cruelty in mass producing poultry & meat.

Below are some links, Beware, They are more graphic than most horror movies:

After seeing this one, I stopped buying Kosher meat products (I still enjoy kosher pickles and kosher salt )

If we’re not supposed to eat them, then why did god make them out of meat?