This is MADNESS! - looking for artists ;) (open souce)

Hi everyone !

I’m currently working on a metal slug-like game which name is “This is MADNESS!” and I need associates :yes:. At the moment, I’m alone but a friend of mine may join the team at the end of the week.
Please read the WIP thread to learn more about the game and to try the demo.

About me

I’m 23 and I’m currently studying 3D and real time rendering in Toulouse University in France (beginning the 5th year in September). So basically, after my studies, I would like to be a game designer/coder :slight_smile:

I know my post count is low but trust me I’m not an overly excited newbie and I’m going to work on this game until it’s finished. I want it to be great and I hope it will help me find a job in the future.

If you want to see my blender skills, just look at the demo in the WIP thread.
I can do all the python programming and logic bricks stuff, animations, menus… but I think I don’t have enough patience to model another character and I’m definitively not good enough to make beautiful textures :yes:

Do you want to join?

You think you can help and want to become an active member of this project? Introduce yourself and show examples of your work here!

You think you can help and just want to model one or two little objects and get your name in the credits? That’s fine! I can make a list of what we need!

What the game needs

So far, I’ve only made the hero, so the first thing to get now is enemies. The first level is a mental hospital so we’ll need at least a big male nurse.
The second thing needed is the level itself. As it is an open game, I think we can pick stuff from Yofrankie.
As I said before, if someone is interested in doing only small things (like one gun or one texture), I can put a precise list of items needed, with descriptions.

Thanks for reading!

PS : I can get a svn and even a Trac if needed (Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects).

Wow the game looks cool! I could model a hospital for you (I am on vacation for two weeks, i will work on it when I get home) would i be able to use it for my game too?


Great ! I already modeled a very basic hospital, I just needed the rough shape to continue to work on the 1st level of the game. I’ll post it to the WIP thread probably tomorrow so you can take a leaf out of it.

And of course you can use the hospital for your game too. My game is open source, basically it means you can re-use everything you want.

hey plop very good job so far, If you want me to sculpt you character to create a detailed normal map, let me know ok! good luck your game ideia s prety cool and the main character is unic, congratulations.

Yes sure! I already made a normal map but it’s not very good ^^
Here is the highpoly version I used. You can try to improve it or make another one, as you want. The model is a mess so you’ll probably need to retouch the baked normal map with Gimp or something else.
You can find the lowpoly version (chars/hero.blend) and the current normal map (chars/textures/hero_normal_map.png) in this zip file.

You can also modify the texture if you want to add eyebrows or hairs (shaved hairs).

Thanks !

ok, I ll make this next week now i ll travel to myu parents home, and i ll have to finish another job first, but soon as i came back i ll make it.