This is more of a question...

I have a small question for everyone here.
Recently I’ve noticed more and more game development teams post into our forum;
Game Engine

However, some of these people don’t use the BGE.

I ask, is this right? Should this be allowed? Isn’t this forum for THE GAME ENGINE, and not Blender used in Game Design?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts, I’m open to both sides of the argument :slight_smile:

It’s a hard one to decide because from their view, it’s for a game engine, thus put it in a game engine forum. But yeah, it can be a little annoying. Maybe they could post them in WIP or Finished Projects. Everything in the Game Engine Forum says Blender in its description.

My opinion:
As long as they do not violate the forum rules or disturb others this is ok.

If you think such Non-BGE Projects are updated more often and move the BGE related threads further down, let us know. We will talk about. I do not look that often into the Team Projects forum.

Finally threads can be rated, which can be an indicator if there is interest or not.


It’s kind of a hard call, indeed. I personally like to see only game engine works in the game engine section, but you’re only going to be able to ask game artists to help you out where game artists hang out - in the game engine section. Other than here, requests would have to go to Off-topic Chat, basically, which is a bit far from the intended goal audience. Maybe there should be a “Modeling Requests” section.

EDIT: Maybe only BGE made projects should be allowed. People asking for help with modeling and textures can go to more game-art oriented forums like Polycount.