This is my doom 2 remake project .

Download 9the latest version :

Please comment .

I realy need to find a good way to make the fireballs looks good, If someone have an advice i will be glad to read it .

Really nice!, I love the graphics, keep it up.

Why does it have it’s mouth open all the time.Do you plan on having it open and close its mouth? Of course it should be at the approprite time.

It supposed to be like the original, so yeah allways open :slight_smile:

love it…keep up the nice work

For fire, try using ‘EasyEmit’ or ‘X-Emitter’, just search them on BlenderArtists or on Google. :slight_smile:

I’v tried, no working version for blender 2.65 :(, and i’v already started with this version .

Find an animated fire texture (or render your own) and parent it to the fireball, make it into a billboard using the texture settings and then make the fireball white ball transparent or invisible. The game looks really good, how did you get so many lights working?

Thanks, i used alot of spot lights .
Btw there is a new version with fireball, i built a simple particle system for that :slight_smile:

With all those shadows, it looks like you built Doom 2 in the Doom 3 engine. Nice.

Hehe, Thanks !