This is not a hog!

Blender with postpro photoshop.

Nice to see some modern art.

So,what is it?:eyebrowlift: Haha.

Good work.

so guessing by the title this is a surreal twist on “The Treachery of Images”?

Thanks kwikker. I’m shocked someone actually got it. The truth is there are so few new ideas on blenderartist about art I’m flabbergasted. No figure/ground ambiguity, no edge treatment, no contrasting 2 and 3 dimension, etc. I can only assume few if any have any knowledge of art for the last thousand years. Just a rehash of what they are fed by media, video games, cartoon animated images with a little knowledge of lighting and composition. Admittedly the technology is difficult to learn, but with all these people around the world on blenderartist I would think some genius would reconsider the image instead of sticking it in a picture frame. I applaud you kwikker.

foxrender, thanks for your response. This is a picture of an organic object contrasted with an inorganic object.