This Is Not Blender - The Game (Updated)

The goal is to complete the sequence by typing in the code. This code is hidden in a Blenderfied logo.

If you enter a wrong code you will get a page not found. Use the browser’s back button to try again.

Start the game by typing start and pressing enter.

Please do not post the solutions.

That was easy.

aargh didnt now the 4th one!

i do not understand this… ??? what’s a blenderfied brand?

i wonder what a blenderfield brand is

oh never mind i understand now…

Edit : i got stuck on number 4, but after while of frustration, i got it… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m stuck on the fourth aswell… How many are there?

stuck on 8 here :frowning:

hmm now i think about it, after i type in my answer for the 4th one… it takes me to level 9, so i think i have accudenatlly guessed the 8th logo? :stuck_out_tongue:

ok 10 levels
found the 8th one with much luck :stuck_out_tongue:

flurp: exactly

i wish we had a bigger reward :stuck_out_tongue:

When you guys said that you can jump through levels, i tried the word for the 9th level in the 4th and i guessed it, after that the 10th was easy and i won… with cheating… haha
Although i would like to check out the other levels… i think i know how…

EDIT: Nope… I don’t know how to see the other levels… i guess i’ll have to find out what is number 4…

I’m stuck on three…
The problem is various people see various things in those figures.
What is obvious to one is off this world to the other.
I’m gonna keep on trying though.

Mmm, Im not smart enough to get past number four. I see all sorts of different things, but not the right thing I guess.

O well, good luck to everyone else!

Level four is a tough one…

I cant figure out level four but managed to complete the game by skipping to the 10th one by accident.

again i cant get 4, but i managed to skip past it to number 6, again by accident… :stuck_out_tongue: and when i got to 6 i could not get past it… so i went back to 4 to try and get it,… but in my attempts to get 4, i got the answer for number 6… :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol… :wink:

Maybe it would be more helpful if you replaced “brand” with logo?

REDHAT…then it said

Wow. Maybe it’s not as easy as I originally thought. I went through it without getting any wrong and without skipping any. I can give you a few hints.

Level 4 is difficult because it’s a company which does not really exist anymore – in fact it was only really famous in the mid-to-late 80’s – most notably in the USA.

Level 8 is something many of us Blender users hold near and dear, but it use to have a different logo.

Hope this helps! :smiley: