This is Possibly the hardest texture to do! HELP!

I had been working on an architecture render for a while now, and I am currently doing the part shown in the picture below:

I had blurred some parts out for privacy reasons. I had circled the ground in red around the texture i am attempting to recreate but it is too hard and i need someone to explain how to do it for me. It looks similar to the floors you would see in a garage but it doesn’t come close enough. PLEASE HELP!

<br><br><img src="/uploads/default/original/4X/5/c/3/5c35cd0f9f586722d3d7c7557e5c22141da4036c.jpgstc=1" attachmentid=“436697” alt="" id=“vbattach_436697” class=“previewthumb”><br><br>


I’d say it’s just a matter of mixing grunge maps with your roughness maps to get your desired effect


In addition to roughness maps, you can use a different grunge map to add dirt. You would want a color map for dirt, and you would mask the dirt using this second grunge map. Then, you would use this second grunge map to use a different specularity for the dirt and concrete.

It would be very helpful to see what your attempts look like. Then, we know what things to focus on.

By coindidence I worked on a similar material like that. I’ll show you the node setup.
What you want is:

  • A texture map what defines where it the gloss shader has to be rough and where sharper.
  • A texture map that defines where there is more gloss and where less.
  • A bump map.
  • A albedo or diffuse texture.

I got one texture of concrete from chocofur and made the above maps with photoshop.
In the node setup you see a bumpmod node from AceDragon and a C_Reflection node from CynicatPro.

Thank you so much i get this now!

Do you mind explaining the ModBump1.001 node in your set up just so i can get a better image of what to do, i already get most of the node set-up.