this is probably simple

I know Blender well, have used it for years. However, I am creating a globe that uses dupliverts so you can see between parts of it, as you can see. However, I want to render only the front of the globe and not see the back parts, and I am stumped as to how to do this. Can anyone help me out?

sorry for posting in multiple forums! not sure where the best place was! which is part of my problem…

You could delete the back half of the sphere.

Sorry! Bad communication. I meant to say that I am going to rotating it!

Well if Blender’s render would respect single sided polygons, this would not be a problem as all you would have to do is make sure the normals were all pointing outwards and the polygons were single sided, and you would not see the other polys behind the front ones, sadly this is not the case and I’m still not sure why. Shading methods in OpenGL are not correct either as they don’t display double sided polys correctly, as they are displayed as single sided polys in GLSL no matter what the setting. It’s been like this a long time and who knows why this isn’t addressed. I know Cycles is being worked on right now, but would like to see a few corrections for BI. You could also try Yafaray and see if that engine respects single sided polys correctly.

Here is a simple node material that does the trick.

Transp-back-000.blend (592 KB)