This is probably the funniest thing I've seen in a few years.


if you have a phobia of goat testicles, you may find this uncomfortable.

Note, the goat testicles are really just a minor aside in the video… but it’s hard to not notice them. Just watch it. And then post more funny videos. My computer is on it’s last legs… youtube is about the only joy i get from this thing lately… so make me laugh.

I didn’t find that to be that funny, but check this one out. Warning: Not for Kids

I couldn’t really laugh about the goats either, but here’s a few more:

You will probably only understand this one if you’re a male:

You won’t forget the song in this one (and yes, it was actually shown on tv here :slight_smile: ):

“she didn’t quite get it”:

There you go! And don’t forget to sing along with the second video!

I want that 5 minutes back…

Whaa whaa - whaaaat?!

Oh man, i was in tears. Funnyest goat ive ever seen, thats for sure.

About time something like that resurfaced again.