this is prolly a newb/very stupid question....

but… blender has an “ok” game engine why dont they make it better/ as good as torque?:confused: the answer is prolly its free:confused:

The answer is that we don’t have enough devoted developers.

Sorry to break it to you, but “they” could be you. This is open source meaning that anyone can work to improve it. So if you want to work to get it as good as torque, be my guest. If you say no you’re following the path that PlantPerson just described.

oh yea…its written in python script too which im learning right now

no, blender game engine is written in C/C++ and Python is used only for scripting (Logic bricks, shaders…).

Reaching the quality of torque engine would be pretty difficult for just a few open source developers in general… Of course if the developers would be extremely talented…

;)Heh, no offense but you make it seem like anyone can just improve the GE. Yes it’s true that the source code is avaliable for everyone. However, there is a fine line between users and developers.

  1. Very good knowledge of C++ programming (Some basic understanding of C++ would help but it won’t cut it)
  2. Intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the structure of the Blender GE
  3. Free time on your hands
  4. Be extremely motivated
  5. Patient, not a glory seeker, and understanding of all the other regular GE users who asks for release dates and wonder what’s taking so long (when what you’re doing is not as simple as everyone thinks it is)

Yes, there’s some users who end up helping out the developers, but there’s many reasons why some users don’t end up going down the developer road.

Jason Lin

Thats what I’m trying to say too.

This is the part where I decided to give up…

Yep, that’s the biggest roadblock here in my opinion.

Someone needs to draw out a starting point for all the programmers willing to go in and modify the source code. A tutorial on how to add a logic brick (and implement the functionality that brick would carry) would be a good start.

…Although, that would probably be a somewhat bulky tutorial -> but if done it would definitely matter more than just the 3 current developers doing a few things here and there.

For the developers working on the BGE now; I would recommend dropping whatever you’re working on (in relation to the BGE), and concentrating expressly on tutorials for modifying the BGE source.

Me too…:o