this is really about simulations

the title, but there is no forum for simulations
anyway, I’m playing with a rocket that uses the smoke/fire simulator to produce the rocket plume. I tried to parent the domain in which the plume is created to the rocket so as I move the rocket along a path, at each step, only the area of interest would get baked during the bake phase. So far this is giving me weird results. Is there something wrong with this approach? I hate to just make the domain the size of the area the rocket flies around in since the bake process seems to be single threaded and takes a LONG time. Anybody try anything similar and get it to work? It seem pretty reasonable to me.

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Why not try a different approach: leave the rocket and plume in one spot and move the scenery past it?

yea, I guess you could do that, but it get’s kinda hard to do if you have much scenery
I’m playing with this tutorial

I want the spaceship to move around and I want different flames to come out of the main engine and the boosters
so, lots to play with
will post updates on my progress