This is stupid....

(denzombie) #1

I’m learning how to use Wine(Wine Is Not an Emulator) on Linux. None of my Adobe apps were launching, then I thought, “Why don’t I try Blender?”.

It opened and ran without a problem. Now I couldn’t think of a reason to run the windows version in linux, but DAMN, I could if I wanted to…


(darkbyrd) #2

adobe applications are far more complicated at every level than blender, so don’t be suprised. doesn’t take much to run notepad, but can you imagine running Office XP in WINE?

(acasto) #3

It is possible to get complex apps like that working in wine. To do so without error though is tough. I’m working on getting Dreamweaver and Flash to work with wine, having some problems though. It helps to cd to the directory where the app lies and wine it from there, sometimes it can’t find the right .dlls if you don’t.

(Green) #4

I got photoshop, illustrator and office 97 working ok about a year ago.

as allways you havto do alot of manual tweaking for stuff to work in linux.

(acasto) #5

But we wouldn’t have it any other way, right! :wink:
That’s part of the fun :smiley:

(Green) #6

But we wouldn’t have it any other way, right! :wink:
That’s part of the fun :D[/quote]

not really. after 4 years of it I ran out of stuff todo and got tired of it all.
so I switched to xp instead.

(acasto) #7

there is always something to do with linux, even if it means writing device drivers or even your own distrobution

(Green) #8

My distribution of choice was lfs… that should take care of the “make your own dist” thing :slight_smile:

(imatthew) #9

I couldn’t get photoshop to work with wine.

Had really good luck with vmware.

But then decided that GIMP was able to do what I needed and sketch was pretty good substitue for illustrator.

Goodluck with whatever route you go.

Linux Rocks!