This is Too Funny, Key Frame Basic Insert won't...Noob mistake needs bandaid please

If you are here, thank you for looking in.

Doing a boncing ball…dead simple right?

I’ve been doing my homework but I must be doing a noob thing…The key frames work just fine but then at the next 10 frames up key insert…it fails.

I’ll give my set up…simple.

Start on frame 0, end frame 178

the picture below is the working animation, just before I do the next location insert. I have the timeline set to active keying set: LocRotScale

I have a grease pencil showing how I want the ball to bounce as a guide for placing the ball.

Ok…move up 10 frames, grab the lattice surrounding the ball, The Lattice is the parent of the ball.

hit ‘I’ the frames are inserted on frame 31, this should hit the ground

the result…the ball moves a bit and thats it…

the pic below shows where the ‘insert’ placed it. I am sure it’s something I did but I don’t know what. :frowning:


I’ve tried to spot where I have some limit or other dumb thing on but I can’t find it. I’ve been trying all afternoon.

I could use some help or other brains looking over this…any and all ideas welcome.

I’m looking at hammers in a whole new way at the moment if you know what I mean. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your time and thoughts…even if you can’t help I feel better for posting about this hair pulling brain tease.

Be more helpful if you showed or looked in the graph editor.

Or post the .blend file so someone can take a look at it…

I think it was a glitch…in my system, i rebooted and everything work just fine.