this is way over my head

i dont get it, i dont get it, i dont get it, i make a model and texture and material it and now i have to undo all my hard work to export it, according to this tutorial, i can;t have in-blender materials on my mesh, i need to uvmap images on my model instead, it tells me to uv-map jpegs, ok fine, they show up in blender view but than they wont show up on final mesh, so whats the point of doing that, and blender doesn’t support dds images but these will show up on my final mesh so infer this is what i need to map with not jpeg, what??? if i export my model to nifskope my jpeg textures don’t show up so what…i don’t understand, im ESL

ESL or no, this post is pretty scattered. You sound like you’re upset. We can sympathize with upset, but can’t help much. Calm down, and try to figure out what your question is. What are you trying to do, one thing at a time. A link to the tutorial might be a good idea, too, so we can see what you are trying to do.

i made a mesh of mask in blender, now i need to uvmap, it looks correct in-blender when i uvmap with jpeg, with preview available, but for final mesh when I uvmap with the same image as .dds file than export to nifskope and open it there, texture doen’st show up, and second the mask looks reveresed, the front face of the mask looks like the inside of the mask (almost completely transparent) and vice versa, once i got textures to show up… and they were applied only to inside of the mask, i’ve done lots of tutorials and i can’t find answer

You’re goood!


Try changing your thread title (edit the first post) to “Export to nifskope problem with UV maps” so people who have experience with nifskope will read your thread. Consider posting a couple of images, as well, screen grabs of your textured model in blender, and another of the messed up model in nifskope. Someone may recognize the symptoms and know what to do. You’re trying to do models for a game? You may want to post in the game engine forum, you might find more people with the knowledge you’re looking for over there. Good luck.