This is what I call BRUSH DETAIL

Hi Newbie here <<< …:slight_smile:

Just wanna say thank You Psy - Fi for this…Puff puff

Played a little with the new Brush Detail in Sculpt.

  1. Is a Plane 0.1 mm thick…Hair is from 0.6 - 0,1 = Thick Hair…+ Brush Detail text.

  2. Zoomed in a little…Now I can see the Brush Deail text is in too…:slight_smile:

  3. Setting used in sculpt to write text.

  4. Zoomed in…Sensitivity WORK pretty good too look at small line.

Damn Blender…:slight_smile:


That does look really cool - I had to look twice before I caught that fine line you have there, that is impressive :smiley:

If we had adaptive detailing throughout the area of the brush (based on the edge information along with the regions of contrast in textures, providing that one is being used), then we could go nuts with detail without causing an explosion in the polygon count.

It would almost be like Zbrush minus the insane polygon counts :smiley:

Cheers…Damn…So many new updates in Blender…Like the thumbnail view of .blend file and fonts in filebrowser…Viewport is real nice and look amazing…Materiale view…Outliner…ect…Puff puff

Another picture a little more fun than the first one…It’s just a skestch.