This is your year, Ace Dragon

Happy New Year.

Hehe: I’m not Chinese but I am fully aware of this being the year of the Dragon according to their traditions.

Heck I was born on the year of the Dragon, and I still consider Dragons my favorite creature.

I even believed I was a Dragon at one point, but I dropped that whole idea two years ago (much to the relief of my parents and those on this forum), no interest in reverting back. :slight_smile:

Hehehe!!! I was the same way with robots. I used to think I was one.

Now I don’t (though I still have that horrible tendency to act like one :o)

Anyways I want to quote something from an enemy :slight_smile:

there can be only one 'bot here…

You’re a BOT.

I’m a ROBOT…
Very BIG difference …:evilgrin:

I always joke that imagine myself to be part dolphin (as I love to swim and am a strong swimmer, and I also love the open water) but I really know better than that. :smiley: I used to have a friend who always said I was part mermaid, and I’d correct him: “DOLPHIN. Part DOLPHIN.”