This jelly material, but lighter in color and less reflective?

i got a pretty jelly material from blendswap to apply to my little jelly character. i scaled down the roughness a little to give her a smoother look (i know roughness contributes to reflection). however, while playing around with the material, i can’t make the colors lighter. i wanted closer to pastel jelly, and also make it less reflective to make it look less like metal. the body and tongue look too metallic in my opinion, but the hair is closer to plastic. here’s what it looks like:

and here’s the blend file:
jelly girl.blend (2.4 MB)

Textures weren’t packed with the file, so it’s hard to guess what they’re supposed to do.
But generally I see very high IOR glass materials, waaaay above diamond.
That means they’re mostly reflective with the glass color, not much refraction going on at all.
Here is how I generally approach refractive things; manual, with shadow help, and volume absorption.

The parts have the same glass material, I just set the color of the object to whatever color was used in the original material. If you want to rely less on absorption while having white reflections, disconnect the absorption and increase the saturation level that goes into refraction. I didn’t bother with any fresnel based shadows here, so shadows will be a solid color rather than go black at glancing angles.

will this also allow me to have much lighter colors?

Try it and see what you end up with.

i guess it would’ve helped if i had stated the version i’m using. my bad. i’m using 2.79, and the “object info” node does not have “color” in it. i also am using texture images (baked the ambient occlusion), and i’ve never packed textures, so i didn’t know i needed to do that. but with all of that, here’s what i ended up with. i only changed the body, not the scleras or tongue.

this is the texture:

so then i tried coloring the texture:

and got this:

finally, out of curiosity, i redid the textures in blender internal and got more of what i’m looking for:

I’m pretty much clueless on 2.79 now.

This looks like a basic plastic can do it very easy with the principled shader in Blender 2.79+

just change the base color and roughness down to around 0.10,done.

i’m using 2.79

ooops corrected :grinning: maybe even earlyer versions,since principled shader.