This legal?

I am always running into site that sell software so freaking cheap, is it even legal?


3DS for 50 bucks? I doubt it.

aye, i believe it is, so far as it has been tested in us courts.

unhappy, but legal.

i doubt many buy from them. if one wanted to be legit, one would buy it for real, if one just wanted it one would steal it.

Lot’s of ones there. Need a few zeros to fill in the rest?

So it would be legal to use these pieces of software for more then personal use? I.E Business Matters?

Unless their licenses have been changed in order to sell them at a lower price, I think you can use them for personal and corporate use.

If something seems too good to be true…
On a side note, they can’t spell “anonymous” and I fail to see what the attraction of anonymity would be unless there was something to hide.

No, not legal.


Site advisor gives it a neitral, which means it is a fairly new site, which means it will be gone before prosecutors find it and try to shut them down… to go set up shop elsewhere.

Might as well just steal it from a file sharing program.

Unless of course, you want to believe they are willing to take 90 percent losses on 3ds max.

[comic book guy]
OH, yes, here is my money, please reach into my cash register and take it[/comic book guy]

Haha, I noticed that too. I think they’re saying that they won’t give your credit card number out to someone. I guess I just take that for granted from most big online sites.

Alot of these places sell them as “back up copies”, to try avoid legal reason. But even then there are legal complications.

An easy way to tell that it is, infact illegal is to look on thier FAQ or other notices on their site… One i was on the otherday actually said they were a warez source. See a section about thier windows XP downlaods:

What about Automatic Updates?
Even though you are not able to register the product online you will be able to receive automatic updates of the programs. When updates are ready to install you will see a popup window or an icon at the right bottom corner of your screen. Then you have to click on the icon and follow the instructions.

This is, of course, a lie. Since i have an illegal copy of windows, that stupid thing windows has added stop updates ^^… You have to register the product to use it… they dont get a special “disabled” option cause of special relationship with microsoft… for those of you who are gonna OMGZor… pirated software… My legal CD comes TOMORROW ^^ (this was just to subsitute)

Plus the site contradicts itself…

Where do I get technical support?
We do not provide any technical support.

100% Support.
Fast support will help you with any troubles and will answer your questions within 24h.

I believe the legal loophole they try to work through is that as, in the words of the software sellers, software “is not sold, it is licensed”, the actual media itself isn’t worth anything, so they can copy it without paying anything. If you buy software from them, it is illegal to use it unless you buy a license too from elsewhere (or you already have a license and you’re just replacing your broken disks - this being what the lawyers would like to claim the customers are doing).

Read My Lips: If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Is :x

Computer software, in the eyes of the law around the world, is licensed. This means that, just like music or a book, there are some things that you can do with “what you bought” and some things that are, and remain, illegal. Why? Because “what you bought” is a license.

For instance, if you bought a CD and decided to sell it at a used-book store, that’s okay, as long as you didn’t keep a copy on your iPod. If someone bought that copy, that’s okay, but if they decided to take it down to the local radio-station and broadcast it on the air, then that’s not. Why? Because the ultimate owner of the material owns the copyright … the right to stipulate what may, and may not, be done with what the owner has created. The owner has permitted some uses but not others.

Sure… some good people have decided to release their copyrights, and to put what they have created (like Blender) into public availability, but that was their choice.

Three big clues this is a warez site.

  1. They point out that you can’t register this software online.

  2. They claim all software comes with “a special serial number or key generator that has been tested to work”. You don’t need a key generator if you have a legitimate key.

  3. They only offer the Corporate Edition of XP Pro and the Media Center edition. Not sure about Media Center, but the XP Pro Corporate Edition doesn’t require online activation.

I’d say that software gotten here is unlicensed, and illegal to use in any country that honors copyright/EULA laws.

hehe. Place an order to see that:

The Geotrust (click to verify) logo doesn’t link to anything.

The security check brings up a Electronic Security Passport for ONLINE55 LTD based in London.

Then click to verify link on that page opens a scan of a registration certificate for companies house showing ONLINE55 LTD as being company number 5291458.

Companies house lists that company number as GSPAY LIMITED

Companies house has no listing of a company ONLINE55.

To add to the fun check out who epassport are:
It’s GSPAY again :smiley:

Hmm, whois some london based tricksters? Nope

So then gspay are? Offshore merchant accounts :smiley:

Fun and games :slight_smile: