This lets me make a shortcut on my taskbar in windows 10

Take that document and file it somewhere in C: not to be moved.
Go to your desktop and right click, choose ‘New’>‘Shortcut’,
In the dialog type explorer then a space, then go to that file, press and hold ‘Shift’ then right click on the file and choose ‘Copy as path’, then paste that into the shortcut creation dialog and press ‘Next’; name it whatever you wish and click finish.
File explorer icon will be the default but you can change it by right clicking on the shortcut, choose ‘Properties’>‘Change icon’. (You may have to round up an appropriate icon from the internet and store it in a place not to be moved, (remember it has to be an .ico type (icon file).
Then you can drag that to the taskbar and delete the desktop shortcut if you wish.

I found this on tenforums great site.

What happened to Copy, Paste Shortcut? Or is that not a thing in Windows anymore?

Windows 10 is difficult.

Uhh yes windows 10 is a difficult child. I need to get at my shortcuts and it likes to get in my way. The favorites no longer allows me to put a link at the bottom of the list. and the “pinned” and frequent" dont work either. So this allows me to put a link on my taskbar to my folder filled with shortcuts.

  • Make a shortcut of your folder on the desktop.
  • Open the run window - WIN +R.
  • Type shell : sendto into the run box. Then OK. That opens the sendto folder.
  • Drag your shortcut from the desktop into the sendto folder. Close the folder
    that way you can modify your SEND TO right click option When you copy a shortcut to shell:send to folder it will then appear in your right click send to. Its saves time.

for me pinning works just fine, drag and drop holding alt works fine, and id wager paste as shortcut would too.

i used to loudly diss win10, but its not as bad as i thought it would be. after using linux, you quickly realize all we take for granted.

I use wab.exe to stop them from updating me in the middle of my day. I guess you have more options when you have a retail version.

you can buy a pro license for 5 bucks on ebay.

besides, ive never been bothered by an update, just be sure “game mode” is on to prevent updates while running games, and pro version has a “presenter” mode to stop updates for up to 7 days.

If you don’t like pinning stuff, newer versions of Windows 10 let you right click on the taskbar and pick Toolbars -> New Toolbar… and put shortcuts on the taskbar wherever you want. I use this to put frequently opened and closed apps on the right, so they’re not mixed in with my regular programs I’m running unless they’re actually open(this is why I don’t like pinning, they take up room regardless of whether they’re open and I don’t like the collapsed taskbar icons mode).

Am I the only weirdo that keeps my desktop completely icon free, and just uses the Windows key to access the start menu? (And only the file explorer, chrome, and calculator pinned to the taskbar) :grin:

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I’m half and half, keeping my desktop free of icons, but all my frequently used programs pinned to the taskbar. It’s nice, clean, and everything’s easy for me to find.

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I tried the whole pinning a bunch of apps to the taskbar thing, but I don’t like how cluttered it gets with a bunch of apps open. It’d be nice if the icons stayed pinned to the left without opened instances taking the place of the icon. I know, picky picky. Haha