This looks like a job for... Fluid Simulator Man!

Check out the FX Wars over at CGTalk. link Everything has to be done in one month. Anybody going to take a crack at it? I would, but I’m a bit busy with other stuff.

I was going to post a thread about this. It’s just that I suck at fluids.

Sounds great! I’ve actually had a project in mind that I’ve wanted to do with the Fluid simulator and a water balloon.

:smiley: heheh, RopertoOrtiz(one of the forum leaders at cgtalk) has posted a dedicated invitation(i guess you can call it so ;)) to blender artists at the blender forum in cgtalk, too:

I would greatly enjoy being part of a team be it 100% blender or not :wink:

To help in whatever way I could.

I don’t think I could make a complete entry(that I would submit anyways) on my own…


Somebody should really try to join this. This is a perfect chance for blender to show off.

The one who made the dvd about blender fluids should join this. Then he could even promote his dvd somehow. I don’t know who he is dough.

hmm… not sure but it could have been fweeb…? well, anyway’s… haven’t done that much with the fluid’s my self. :frowning:

I made a balloon last night and was playing around with the soft bodies. I’ll post something when its progressed a little beyond what I have now.

Tony Mullen(bugman_2000) would also be a good candidate for this challenge, don’t you think? I’m not sure if we would be able to participate with all the work he’s been putting in the book. :ba:

I’ve been thinking on how to do this (not that I have any plans to participate…yet). If you where trying to make a balloon pop, could you do it by soft bodies. I can inflate a balloon by making a soft body sphere and have it deflected by an inner sphere increasing in scale. But then to get the rupture, one needs to cut edges in the soft body sphere to create parts. Is it possible to do this while running a soft body simulation, for example, delete a loop cut at frame 50?

Well… for a rupture/tearing effect maybe this… would be useful?
The development?, on the homepage they have a video of “cloth” tearing…

Edit: here is an exact link on the tearing — Link

Just thought it was worth mentioning :wink:


As for the fluid itself, I think slo-mo would be a good idea. Looks awesome, and it’s nice and easy on the fluid simulator.

Here’s my first test at res 200, but I’ll crank that up and re-bake tonight. link

[Edit] I was thinking of the forensics thing, just having the still balloon popped by a pin.

Aah, I’ve seen that but I forgot. Well now I’ve tried it. Looks like that would be able to do it, eventually. But not now, it’s way to unstable for that. At least in the build available on the site at the moment.


We don’t have the tools to completely simulate a water balloon pop. From the sounds of the contest it has to be completely simulated.


No, just the fluid part I think. The balloon can be faked.

Although the rules don’t say it has to pop, the fluid sim seems to interact with a baked soft-body nicely.

We could very well archive a bouncy water balloon.


Perhaps try the demolition script?

I have a balloon that is bouncing nicely, but it always lands wrong (end for end, not lying down.) I have attempted to adjust the center of the object but it always ends the same way. How do you control that in softbodies? It appears to weight the vertices and put the most of them down. ( I might be on to something…) I’ll check it out and post tomorrow if I can.

I have seen the first video he posted for eons and wanted to do a simulation. But instead of an Exacto knife, I wanted a tiny Mancandy holding on to a sewing needle to pop the balloon. One thing to note on the extremely slow video is that the balloon essentially dissappears as soon as it pops. You could bake a soft body simulation and then integrate it with a fluid simulation after words. On your baked simulation at the point of impact, keyframe over just a couple of frames the tearing of the balloon and it crumpling into a pile. If the simulation is run at a slow, but not super slow, rate it could be convincing.

If I can do this convincingly (enough time???), I’ll definitely show off blender!:smiley:

I agree with the demolition scripts idea too. And I think that Jhakka’s explode modifier should be able to make it looks like the balloon popped. Maybe a wind forcefield to let pieces of the balloon flap. This project is complicated as hell. I’m think fluid sim, particles, demolition script, lattice, shape keys etc all at once. And we haven’t got into photorealistic rendering yet.