This looks like a job for... Fluid Simulator Man!

Well it’s specialFX contest and not asimulator contest. I was thinking the ball could be animated the regular way but the water could be simulated.

edit: I’m working a little on this. Getting somewhere thanks to LOTRJ tutorial.

I also wouldn’t render it photoreal, I’d use some sort of X-ray effect or something to make it look like the effects used in some of the more recent documentaries.

Photoreal gets the votes :wink:

use a hdr probe, and you will like what you’ll see… :wink:

Big problem. Any resolution above 190 I get a runtime error.

Current blender 2.45
winXp sp2 home edt
amd 4000+ x2
2 gig ddr2

Same here, only above 225 I think…

What would be cool would be a realtime, photoreal animation, and then a slow motion special effects shot.

Is there a way to go up to 300?? Has anyone succeeded with this.

Cause this is a big problem.

Great news. I haven’t tried this but Mpan3 (the Genius) has a solution to the fluid sim low resolution problem.

Read about it all here.

Mine still crashes at exactly res 230, even with LAA build and the 3GB flag. 229 works, 230 doesn’t.

2 GB DDR2 533 Mhz
XP Pro
3.2 Ghz P4 (HT)

This is no good. I was hoping for this to work ;(

I have installed 4 gig extra in my computer today and have a total of 5 gig running now in ubuntu 64 bit. I have cranked up the resolution to 300 and it has not crashed yet. But the simulation is ggoing slow. I could possible crank it up to 325 or maby 350 in resolution.

Thank you for the information. I’ll download ubuntu64 and try there. I’ve done much progress (i think). Even the balloon popping is almost done. The trick is to put them together.

it would probably help on the resolution problem to install ubuntu linux. But it would take lots more memory thant 2 gig to bake a high resolution fluid. At 300 my blender rig consumes 3.3 gig of ram. in that linux is using about 265 mb of it.

But can’t it use the page filing memory?? I know its slow but lets say I can afford a couple of days of calculation.

I have a resolution of 220 right now.

Now that i think of it. I’ll probably keep 220. It takes forever to calculate and I’m no expert in fluids anyway. I hope that I’ll have something finished next week.

The page filling memory would indeed make it slower… Don’t know how much slower but i think it would be very very much slower. I had started my fluid simulation 8 hours ago and its still running after 125 frames… going for 250 frames.