This might sound stupid, but...

I downloaded Blender a few days ago and was loading a tutorial model I’d done when I noticed Blender told me I had about 4000MB “free space”. However, my hard drive claims to have 55GB free. Can you only create files totalling the free space the File Browser tells you you have, or can you make as much as the hard drive will allow? (I told you it might sound stupid.)

Oh, also, it is possible to create single vertices easily, or can you only take them from other meshes?

  1. Wouldn’t worry until you hit the limits. :slight_smile: Seems there’s different places to poll how much freespace you have and they might differ, the limit is real though and you’ll know if you get there.

  2. single verticies can be placed down by holding cntrl and left clicking. You have to have an object first though, so gotta make at least a plane and delete the verts you dont’ want.