This my 3rd render and 1st topic in ba

Hi everyone i newcomer here. Also name is Berk and I’m from Turkey.

Last night while baking cake i bored and created Background for my pc.
And Can u see my result. This img resolution is 16K and i like it. Just make in 2min but rendered 2hour.
(Also i learned something new, my old dog (PC) still live :smiley: )

Anyway I want say “Hi” everyone and wish to get along.

Note: Everyone can use this img for anytime, anywhere, anyproject. (CC-BY)


Awesome lighting, nice work

Thanks for comment. But i can’t say ‘awesome’ cuz I just used standart sun.
I’m more curious about collision part, have too many collision errors.

You call them collision errors, I call them an opportunity. Make the ground material something more like goo, and you have a winner.

Very nice…

You know 16K is enormous, right? Are you aiming to print this out as a A2 poster?

nice work !!!

Pretty cool! Especially since this is only your 3rd render. And creating a background for your PC is always fun, I’m always doing that! :laughing:

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I know but my phone res is 4k. If I enable Paralax effect i need better resolution.