This Old House WIP (Updated)

An old bungalow house I am working on.

Here is a side view. Note rear of house is unfinished.

Looks pretty good so far. What are you planning on doing with it? What sort of setting will it be in? A rain gutter of some sort might be nice; maybe you already did that but we just can’t see it though. Some more angles, please?

One problem from an architectural point of view: there doesn’t seem to be any ground :wink:

Good start. Lighting and materials look very realistic.
Modeling is a bit too sharp and accurate to be real though. :wink:
Possibly it could be improved by beveling some edges (very subtly).

besides the old roof… i do not see anything that makes it old

It will be on a farm with possibly a barn, some grain silos, a fence, and some hay bails in the background.

Good idea. :smiley:

I have placed another view at the top of the page.

Good point. Thanks for the crit. :smiley:

I guess old “style” house. The building style was popular from 1900 to 1930 in the States. I could make the siding and brick older looking. The concrete looks too clean. Good point as well. I will work on it. :smiley:

Put a hammock on the porch :slight_smile:

Nice job, make it dirtier so it looks older, and make the wood look older as well by making it look like there’s subtle holes in it.

Here is a more beat up version. :wink:

The wood’s improved a lot and the concrete improved a little. Nice going so far.

The dirty textures look much better. I expect that you’re working on the back side of the house now?
Oh, the chimneys should also look more beat up. Maybe make them missing a few bricks or darken the texture around the opening to make it look burned or something.
It also doesn’t look like you messed around with the foundation too much, but if you’re going to have grass or shrubs around the house or something I guess that it’s fine.
A wooden rocking chair or something on the porch might also look nice.

Why is there a line in the lower-left corner of your images?

looks good. how about a bit beveling on stone parts to give a feeling of corosion?

The wood’s improved a lot and the concrete improved a little. Nice going so far.

Hey kansas…back to your old self I see…

Don’t forget the handrail for the stairs though…but I’m sure that you just didn’t get to that yet … :wink:


Ground added. :slight_smile:

Ground looks pretty good, but it needs some grass, use 2D billboards for it or model it or use particles or a script.