this on goes out to the one I love..

still learning yafray. I almost got the glass texture now working. and a little bit photon lights…still… it’s a weird thing… the program… mm…

maybe I render the pic in blender next time… at least I get textures there :slight_smile: heh.


wow - i really like this picture!

very simple yet profound.

I wish i had made it :wink:

has a real commercial feel…maybe a Durex commercial? :expressionless: :wink:

Is that a condom commercial? :expressionless: heh

yeah :expressionless:

basse, you could make a commercial version in which u use LOTS of those tiny ppl (i mean like 2-300) with DOF, and write “For a hundred million reasons” above. That would be cool

I dont know what I was really thinking when doing the pic… it started out just as a test of doing glass-like material… then I needed object. and… well… I have always loved pic with a lot of people in them… standing. and this idea of one being different than all the others…

and, I must admit, it kind of looks like a commercial of some sort… wonder why…

adyus: heh, maybe I do a version just for you then :slight_smile: