This one is for my Mum!

(0ptikz) #1

Hey gang,

Since my mum always yabbers on about me just creating sci-fi stuff, I decided to do a little scene that involves 3 butterflies (Her fave thing). Altogether it took about 5 hours to make: :smiley:

(valarking) #2

Magnificent. AND it only took you 5 hours?!?! My suggestions:

  1. Those bolts are too flat and untextured. At last make then less… white.
  2. The wood texture looks at bit aliased. Maybe your Nor setting’s a bit too high?
  3. IMHO the DoF changes from blurred to sharp too suddenly.

Overall a VERY nice scene. How does your Mom like it?

(ec2) #3

Lovely scene. Keep up the good work. I know your mom loved it.

(paradox) #4

Yeah gorgeous scene and nice butterflys.

(Bapsis) #5

Awwww, aint you sweet!!! :wink: hehe
Very nice pic, im sure she loved it. But now that she’z seen it, can you add some cybernetic implants to the butterflyz so they can be capeable of interplanetary travel at high velocity speeds?

Just a thought… :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(valarking) #6

Apparently she hasnt seen it yet.

(0ptikz) #7

Hehe, My moms in the land of ZzzzZzzz’s at the the moment… :slight_smile:

Perhaps I should kick her outta bed with some steel toe capped boots.

…On second thoughts, I value my life :wink:

(Jolly Gnome) #8

:o Oh cripes! That is AWESOME! :o
The texturing of the boards is especially great!

(S68) #9

Veeery nice …


(harkyman) #10

What a nice surprise. Usually when I check out the boards it’s space ship… first attempt at head modelling… space ship… mech WIP… etc. Great overall image. I wish there was a definitive Blender gallery so this image could hop right into it.

(kaktuswasse) #11

yeah, lovely work! I fully agree with harkyman.

cya henrik

(stephen2002) #12

looks great

the only change I would make would be with the bolts.

(bmax) #13

hmm…the dof is a bit ‘hubbabubba’ - sort of like old bubblegum. it is too soft and mushy at places, but then hard at the next. But besides that, and the bolts, the picture really looks lovely. im sure your ‘mum’ will like it. :smiley:

(bmax) #14

btw: did u render it in blender? i wouldnt think you did, but im just curious.

(0ptikz) #15

Yup, this is definatley a Blender render. 8)

(valarking) #16

Yup, this is definatley a Blender render. 8)[/quote]

so how did she like it?

(Friday13) #17

WOW :o
Great render! I also did a render for my mom, but it was a bit late…so i couldn’t show it to her a month after her birthday :stuck_out_tongue:

(0ptikz) #18

She simply said it was ok…Aaaarrgh, she is So damn hard to please :o

I guess she expects CG work to look like a photo.

(ePlastik) #19

Aww that’s so cute :wink: and a very nice work too. Keep up the good work.

(valarking) #20

[quote=“[email protected]”]

She simply said it was ok…Aaaarrgh, she is So damn hard to please :o

I guess she expects CG work to look like a photo.[/quote]

Damn. :-?
Hehe. My parents pretty much like anything I make.