This program is great but the defaults are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad

On my desktop I have all the settings I want and they are all perfect. I know how to transfer settings but I’m in my car on my laptop and right now I can’t transfer my settings from my desktop because I am travelling.

On my desktop, my edit mode cursor is a normal select cursor.

I don’t want this dumb “precision select” where it does the most random sh!t no matter how I click - I’m used to being able to select individual verticies, or click and drag to select.

How do I change the edit mode cursor to a basic select cursor? the defaults for blender are the worst for any program I’ve ever used, and I’ve used Maya.

never mind, I figured it out.

Blender Foundation needs to fix their sh!t

How did you fix it?

for me, the zoom to mouse being off is the stupidist thing ever.

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I don’t remember, but when I got home I copied my saved profile to my laptop. The controls for this program are so freaking bad out of the box.

Blender does not have to fix it, its fine as it is, a lot of users like it, and its easier for people who are just starting out.

Most advanced users will change it to box select on mouse drag. So they made it an option.

They could’ve made such things easier to change thought, that’d never hurt anybody.