This project has been completed as of today for the character

this project has been completed as of today

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hello i am 3d artist i am pretty interested in this job, i have experience in models like this ,here is my portfolio is you wanna check it out PM me is you wanna hire me.

Hello, i think you posted something very similar a few days before, currently i don’t have any anime character in my portfolio, but i think i’m very capable of achieving something like the head models you want.
I’ll leave my portfolio here, if you think i’m good enough then contact me:

If you are not convince of my skills i can make something to show you, but it may take a few days.

If you could make an example like the models that I have asked for, it would help greatly. If I and the team are satisfied, then we’ll be more than happy to hire you for the whole job.

Cool, give me te weekend to make something. Should I pm you the result?

What happened to the other thread? is this the one that works? :smiley:

Yes, please do PM them. You can have all the time you need. I have well over 100 applications so far between here and other sites to look through. I hope that it is great! : -)

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Sorry about the other thread. I decided to break the project apart for individual artists to work on a specific part of the characters. This would be for the HEAD ONLY of the characters. I was waiting for the moderators to approve the one for the BODY ONLY with the same price range for each individual project, but they must have been confused and thought the topics were all the same. Thank you!

i am a 3d artist and your offer looks interesting,
this is my artstation and some reference

PM me or send an email
[email protected]