This proves I can't finish anything...8-9

A new sketch…I want to really finish this one so I can use it @ my homepage…
Any comments?
ps: I’m not touching the eyes…

very nice, i love the folds in the cloth and the pose. the only things i dont like are the waist area and the neck is a skooch too long.

the body is perfect but i really don’t like the head
u got to work more on her head !

anyway nice

All right, I agree with some of what’s been said already. However, at the risk of being repetitive, I’m going to try to go into more detail here.
First, the head: taken by itself, I think it’s rather elegantly done. Her left (our right) eye is a notch higher than it should be; try sketching a line from the bottom of her ear to the tip of her nose and then compare it to the line that joins her eyes. These two lines should be more or less parallel, given that they both curve around the head. On the whole, her face is facing us a tad too much; it gives a sense of discomfort. You can fix this problem just by moving her right (our left) eye slightly more to her left (our right), and by making the other eye smaller to fit the perspective; the positioning of other aspects of her head, i.e. her hair, is suggesting she’s twisting her neck.
Otherwise, you have nice clean, soft, curvy lines for her face, which suggests a nice touch of femininity.
I don’t think her neck is too long. Her collar that leads to her armor may give off this sense, but the position she’s in will make her neck longer than what the normal human’s neck length seems to be.
Nice job detailing the clothing. I can’t help but feel that it clings to her too tightly for such folds to form, however. Either tighten up the folds, or loosen up the clothing. Don’t be stuck deciding in between :smiley:
Her waist is a tad bit too narrow. It makes her look like a shrimp, but more importantly, anatomically it will not support her. I know the idea for militaristic females is to be extremely in shape, but this is bordering on the Teenage Boy Dream.
We see too much of the separation of her behind. From our angle of perspective, that line should be moved further back. You also need more flesh in that general area, extending onto the top part of her leg.
Her boot seems to widen out too much at the bottom.
Her hand that is holding the gun is a bit odd. The bone is jutting out too much. It should be lower, as well as closer to the wrist. The current positioning looks problematic because the knuckle of her pinky is too retracted; either bring that forward or move the jutting bone back.

Thanks for the replies everyone, I’ll try to fix the whole thing…

Hey everybody! I made some changes based on your input:
Hopefully you can see the difference(except for her butt which I couldn’t change)…
As a bonus I uploaded some more sketches that are not going anywhere(but which I think are pretty good):
And here: