This really pissed me off


Cheers, pix :eyebrowlift:

That pisses you off?

If the stuff your body rejects and expels can produce fuel for vehicles and other devices, what’s not good about it?

They can gather an endless supply at the sewage treatment facilities since it’s renewable, that means it can power lots of fuel cells again and again and oil imports fall off a cliff.

Your body doesn’t want the stuff like it’s the plague, but your car might love it.:wink:

It PISSES him off.
Get it?
PISSES him off :wink:

As long as we have Oil, we won’t get to alternative power, simply because oil brings a fortune.
Like, why aren’t we using this yet?

That’s because we still have oil.

I also saw a video about a guy that created a motor running on water. That guy was killed.
I’m not sure if that’s legit though…

I want to know who leaked this information.

Mmmmmmm, Urine fumes :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont wanna imagine how that would smell during traffic jam…

lol, that sounds a bit weird… :stuck_out_tongue: amazing though what can be converted into energy, isn’t it?

@FreeMind - that fuel cell bike seems very quiet… I read in Pixel’s link that some fuel cells need platinum to work, though.

one question I have is, if some fuel cells need platinum, :

#1 - how much platinum do they need?
#2 - if it’s a relatively small amount, can’t they make artificial platinum somehow?

…however, does anybody else think that, when looking at the evolution of technology, the electro-magnetic forces (aka electricity and magnetism) are the next step? consider that the human species has been using chemical reactions/combustion for almost everything for over 2000 years (lighting, heating, forging, propulsion, etc), whereas everything else has evolved, like communications (a living example of it right here).

Meshweaver: Technology in general really only started to advance rapidly when the industrial revolution came about in the 1700’s, it developed pretty slowly (compared to today) in places before that for hundreds of years (things like candles and oil lamps didn’t change much for a while)

Innovative solutions and mechanics blossomed during the ancient Greek and Roman days (which included a story of someone in Greece who invented a steam powered toy that made something spin around), also having a lot of hygienic innovation that looked like an ancient form of what is used today.

The march of technology did not stop with the dark ages, when that happened it pretty much continued to slowly advance in places like ancient China (which also has a number of legends of technological marvels)

Thanks AD - I am a history buff especially on the History Channel. Fascinating what you learn!

@Ace Dragon - hmm…hadn’t thought of that :smiley: interesting… I always find the history of technology fascinating, in a way :smiley:

A lot easier for guys to refuel than girls!

The dark ages weren’t really all that dark. Science and culture advanced quite steadily through the middle ages.

Nah, no probelm at all.
I saw a japanese (d’uh) invention which allows girls to use urinals. It’s simply a kind of chute, made of cardboard or something like that. They gotta sell them in a pack with cars, using such motors, lol.