THIS SATURDAY! World Blender Meetup Day :)

We’re live

This Saturday World Blender Meetup Day will be happening again :slight_smile: We’ve got an incredible line of speakers from around the world, studios include PIXAR, BlendTuts, Theory, and Barnstorm, and it’s all going to be for free on YouTube. We’d love it if you could stop by!

Starts bright and early with Australia on March 18th and ends in the evening with USA. Learn more ➜

BlenderPDX has participated in all 3 previous WBMDs. And we’re not going to break that streak for this, the 4th annual WBMD.

Hi everyone, we’re presenting on our network rendering addon for blender at 7:00pm Australian Eastern Summer Time, which is roughly 9:00 am in Europe (please check for your exact location) and (apologies!) 4:00 am in the Americas… yeah not pretty but if you can make it we’d love to see you there and answer your questions. So, what will we present exactly?

Well, we’re going to show you how to install, setup and use our addon. How it can help you connect your computers together easily to accelerate renders using cycles and blender internal renderers.

The addon is still in the alpha stage, so we’d love your feedback. You can actually download the alpha now and give it a test by going to, you’ll need to register to get the addon, but thats all.

Please note that the software we’ll be demonstrating is the next release and so won’t exactly look like what you’ll be downloading.

Take Care :smiley:

Woot woot! Tomorrow’s the big day! Very exciting! Be there or be the default cube! :wink:

Here’s some of the links I found and used in preparation for my presentation on Filmic:


Twitter hashtag with example pics and thoughts

Blender threads

Greg Zaal’s addon to automatically load Filmic

Blender Guru/Andrew Price
Filmic article and YouTube vid
The Secret Ingredient to Photorealism
The Secret Ingredient to Photorealism ~30min

CG Cookie/Jonathan Lampel
Blender Tip: Filmic Color Management
YouTube version:
‘Filmic’ Color Management in Blender ~3min

BlenderNation posts - great comments to read up on
post by Yanal Sosak on March 17, 2017
post by Manuel Albert on December 7, 2016
post by Bart on February 22, 2017 about Andrew Price/Blender Guru’s article

Development and technical info
(NOTE: color is a dense topic that is frequently misunderstood and mispoken about so keep building your knowledge a little bit at a time while you work and it will start to make sense, eventually… lol)

New fix to make color profile selectable and hot swapable in v2.79/2.8

Early post on StackExchange discussing the color concepts

Good blog post about the key Filmic concept of Dynamic Range versus Latitude

Good article about the key Filmic concepts of Shoulder and Toe plus some others

Blender manual docs on color management
(in general and aside from Filmic because it changes some methods)

Updated with YouTube Stream link :slight_smile: On first post

At 930 PST I’ll be talking about Pixar’s RenderMan renderer and the addon for blender. Here be linkage: <- get addon and RenderMan Non-commercial licenses

for professional sales and academic licenses: contact [email protected]